Jason Halpern, a shrewd real estate entrepreneur, is the founder and executive head of JMH Development. JMH is one of the world’s top real estate development firm with cumulative experience as owner or developer of countless commercial and residential apartments across the United States. With a groundbreaking approach to developing sophisticated buildings in the luxury category, the firm has led to the construction and development of advanced and strategically located buildings in established markets like Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Jason Halpern’s descent can be traced to an internationally known generation of real estate development investors with an excellent record of more than five decades of constructing and owning many properties in New York. The Halpern Family has developed hundreds of residential and commercial buildings in NYC and Westchester County, NY. Jason’s unmatched development expertise infused with his unwavering passion have guided JMH in the purchase and upgrading of many unique buildings, including many historically precious landmarked properties.

What makes Jason exceptional?

Jason ventured into the real estate sector with the aim of standing out from other competitors and approaching property development in a special way. Constructing in historic districts fascinates him a lot. He tries to build rapport with the community and within the cities in which he runs his development projects.

Jason’s Own Time

Charity endeavors

Jason Halpern has allotted his personal time and a big chunk of his wealth to charitable causes in his community. He has dealt out generous contributions in support of the Joel A. Halpern Medical Center that is situated at Westchester Medical Center. The facility has adequate equipment and talent to provide orthopedic surgery, reattachment of damaged limbs, complex emergency neurosurgery, and open-heart surgical process. It also delivers special care to children, people with severe internal injuries, burn victims, and pregnant women.

Corporate charity

Jason Halpern has implemented several charitable programs through JMH Development. For example, JMH announced a strategic partnership with an international water foundation in 2015. JMH agreed to give out $20,000 of each of its contract with the Three Hundred Collins development project based in Miami to support water projects in both Ethiopia and Nepal. JMH Development will enlist the help of Splash as well as Relief Society of Tigray to supply clean, healthy water to over 650 locals in Nepal and Ethiopia.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern leverages his expertise and accomplishments in real estate development to transform the lives of those around him. He leads JMH’s professional team in changing the face of many cities across the U.S. The team combines deep-rooted marketplace knowledge, a unique set of property development skills, and unparalleled on-site expertise to deliver durable and high-quality properties. JMH achieves his mission of historical preservation by strongly focusing on adaptive reuse projects and upgrading of historical buildings.

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