For there to be any significant progress in society, there has to be people who think forward. There is more to thinking forward than just predicting what the future has in store for people. A large part of thinking forward involves bringing an influence to the future.

After all, if people just observed where the future is going, then it may not progress in the way they want it to. This is why people like Jason are very influential in the type of work they do. Jason Hope is a futurist, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Therefore, he has the freedom and the room to make a difference in any industry.

One of the reasons that Jason Hope is very successful is that he is able to do what he wants as an entrepreneur. He has taken the time to find out what it is he is very passionate about and pursued it. He has found the way to market everything so that his business is a success. Therefore, he gets to experience the joy of success as well as full days of him taking on the tasks that he enjoys. This is the type of life that a lot of people don’t believe is possible.

Jason’s favorite activity that he profits from is thinking forward. With his look into the future of technology, he types down his ideas about topics such as Internet of Things. With each article he writes, he sees that the internet is going to advance to the point where everything is connected to the internet.

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With the deeper and more expansive connection, people are going to gain a lot of new benefits. Jason is also very passionate about health and wellness. He wants to influence the world so that they come up with greater solutions to the problem of diseases and lifespan.

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