Jeff Yastine is a globally accessible financial correspondent whose financial predictions and analysis are closely followed by many of the world’s economic experts. He is a Business Emmy Award Nominee in 2007 for making an elaborate and in-depth report on how the transit infrastructure in the United States is underfunded. Jeff Yastine currently serves as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing and is also the weekly contributor for two of the most famous weekly publications for the publishing house, which are Sovereign Investor Daily and the other more micro-investment focused Winning Investor Daily. View Jeff Yastine’s profile at LinkedIn.

Jeff Yastine has been associated with the financial world for nearly two decades and has helped many hundreds and thousands of investors to organize their finances smartly through the advice he shares through the publications. Before joining the Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine served as the financial correspondent as well as the anchor for the famous PBS Nightly Business Report. He held on to that job for 16 years, during which he got an opportunity to meet and interview some of the leading economists and financial experts from across the globe. Jeff Yastine’s economic forecasts like dot-com bubble, the real-estate bubble, tech crisis, the mortgage crisis, and more, has helped him gain a reputed position in the world of finance. The advice of Jeff Yastine is considered a reference point for many investors who have been following him closely and has gained tremendously through his approach to managing finance and investments.

Jeff Yastine recently wrote a piece on how the world of retail and e-commerce is going to see a lot of activity in the coming future. He indirectly hinted towards how there many mergers and acquisitions are poised to happen shortly as the dominance of Amazon in the retail space is bound to be challenged soon by the other major league players. Jeff Yastine says that the investors should also divert their focus from the traditional choice of Amazon. Jeff said in his article that many companies have the potential to stand in the way of Amazon; the first contender for which he feels is eBay. He said that if Google wants to enter the retail space, then it would need an already established company with a robust infrastructure and organization to start from, which eBay has. Jeff Yastine said that the other two groups that are in a good position from the financial point of view are Kroger and Company and Grainger. Read more:



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