The world would be very different if more hedge fund managers were helping regular people find wealth. Sadly, those people only care about making money by making rich people more money. Luckily for regular Americans, there are a few experts out there offering genuine advice and suggestions. Read this article at

Many of those experts found their way to Banyan Hill Publishing, a financial service company. Among their list of experienced contributors is Jeff Yastine, a financial journalist. Jeff Yastine uses his 20-plus years of experience to invest his own money so that readers can trust his advice.

Unlike other experts at Banyan Hill, Jeff Yastine didn’t start out as an investor; that’s something he learned to do while interviewing financiers. Today, Jeff Yastine’s purpose is helping regular investors understand business, economic and monetary trends, and how to spot and capitalize on profit-making opportunities that many others may pass over.

During his career, he interviewed some of the most successful millionaires and billionaires in the world, including Warren Buffet. He sought out these interviews while working for PBS on Nightly Business Report until 2010. He served as one of their top Financial Correspondents and Anchors since 1994.

There, he also covered some of the biggest stories in his career and America’s financial history. He covered the horrible outcome of Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, along with hundreds of other investment stories. In 2007, while reporting on some special stories for NBR, he earned an Emmy Award nomination.

Today, the stories he covers have a suggestive viewpoint. He’s trying to help regular people find wealth by talking about certain trends they should try to capitalize on before it’s too late. In one of his last articles, he talked about a lot of investors skipping over undervalued stocks in favor of faster-paying stocks.

Chasing big-payout stocks is supposed to the game, but that doesn’t mean ignoring guaranteed payouts. Consumer staples companies have stocks that don’t grow as quickly, but their payout is more reliable. Check:

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