The name Jeff Yastine is widely recognized due to his investigative work for the Nightly Business Report that earned him an Emmy nomination. His career as a financial journalist is built around his ability to discover the truth. He has spoken with Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell and Herb Kelleher as well as numerous prominent personalities. Jeff Yastine currently serves the Total Wealth Insider as the editor. He locates stocks most people miss because they are under the radar. These stocks are on the verge of rising in value. See more of Jeff Yastine at

Jeff Yastine’s father was the first SEC Chairman. He learned the importance of the stock market when he was very young. He knew Americans needed to invest for the stock market to move. For this reason he started his work in the 1960’s on a program to get America moving. This would benefit the investors and companies by placing billions into American businesses. The result of this endeavor is known as the Kennedy Accounts.

Samuel Murphy is a postal worker who reaped a payout of $60,000 on an investment of $45. A retired couple located in Connecticut earned almost $100,000 off their $122 investment. Denise Wilks is an IRS agent who now has $10 million due to her investment of $1,841. Jeff Yastine released a video showing how a Kennedy Account could turn an investment of $500 into a windfall of $1.19 million. Many people instinctively called these number a scam but the Kennedy Accounts are real..

The Kennedy Accounts enable investors to place their money directly into businesses with a DSPP or Direct Stock Purchase Plan. This type of stock purchase is currently accepted by 449 companies. Wall Street is trying to hide the Kennedy Accounts because they have been eliminated from the scenario. The stocks are handled by the company so the fees, middleman and broker are effectively eliminated. Wall Street relies on millions of dollars in commissions and fees so it is understandable they do not want investors aware of this opportunity.

The investors receive a discount by purchasing the stock directly from the business. This discount is as high as five percent. Wall Street began lobbying the SEC and Congress right after the Kennedy Accounts were created. They spent $1.5 million every day to hide these accounts but Jess Yastine already knew about the Kennedy Accounts. They still exist but most investors are unaware of the opportunity due to the tactics of Wall Street. The bottom line is the Kennedy Accounts are quite real and definitely not a scam.



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