The Bayan Hill Publishing a leading investment organization that was established in 1998 as a sovereign society. The organization is based on sovereignty and self-reliance. The agenda of the company is to provide their readers with strategies for investment, private foundations, assets protection, International business corporate, foreign residency and citizenships. The organization also protects the financial and personal privacy.

The organization brought in experts in business and investment like Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman. Jeff Yastine was the first to join in 2013, as an editor of Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. He specialized in privacy, asset protection, and many others. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin

Jeff Yastine, a financial journalist, joined the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as an editorial director. He is an editor of the Total Wealth Insider, who has shown great professionalism in his work. Since he joined the corporate begun to succeed. He brought his expertise of more than a decade in stock market investment as a financial journalist. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing Jeff, Yastine was a stock investor and financial journalist. It made him gain extensive knowledge due to the broad exposure to stock markets. His passion was mainly on investing and also finance.

During his work, he interviews prominent business people like Richard Branson, Michael and Warren Buffet, where he got techniques and secrets to improve his skills. Jeff shares his business skills on a weekly basis or daily through his posts with the site Banyan Hill Publishing.

He contributes to the Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily, where he helps the readers get tips on investing strategies, how to grow their business and also to understand the monetary trends, economics, business and showing them the profitable opportunities.

He also writes on trends in the economy and the Stocks markets through the Total Wealth Insider. It helps the entrepreneurs also benefit by yielding maximum profits in their businesses. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine has also helped the small-scale business to identify profitable investment opportunities and even large entities, and also other multiple sectors like agriculture.

Jeff Philanthropic spirit helped many investors when he gave reports on the oil spillage in 2010. He also wrote a report on the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and other national events. He has been a significant contribution to the entrepreneurs and investors, giving them an upper hand to succeed. He was nominated as an anchor in the Emmy awards and 1994 to 2010 he became the PBS Nightly Business Report correspondent. Visit:


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