Jim Hunt at VTA Publications wanted to teach people about the bear market because most people never think of betting against the markets. They will try to find things that go up in value so they can buy low and sell high, but Jim Hunt came up with the Wealth Wave system that he published at VTA Publications to show people where the bear markets are.

The bear markets are the ones that are going to start falling, and people that are going to bet against them will make a lot of money. It is how people got rich with loans tanked in 2008, and it is how people get rich when they know that something is going to lose all its value. Betting against something gives a lot of money back because the market on the other side is paying out for these bets.

He described on Twitter that Jim Hunt came up with Wealth Wave to show that anyone could find bear markets because these are markets that are easy to track. The markets have a lot of data that people can look at, and they can use the data to figure out when the market will go from a bull to a bear. That is something that a lot of people need to learn as soon as they can so that they can start making money, and they need to get a sense from Wealth Wave what the right place to look is.

The ideas behind what Jim Hunt is saying are that there is always going to be something falling out, and the things that are falling out should at least pay people back before they are completely worthless. Wealth Wave talks about getting into an investment before it is completely dead, and the book from VTA Publications talks about people will find new bear markets all the time. There is always something that is going up, and then there is always something that is going down. Finding the things that are going down is going to help a lot of people make money on the Wealth Wave system.