In 2010, Julia Jackson studied Studio Art and was granted a B.A. from the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management and Scripps College. She was born into winemaking and was mentored by her father, Jess Jackson.

Jess Jackson, who passed away in 2011, was an attorney and developed a billion dollar winemaking business which became one of the largest wineries in North America (California and Oregon). After Julia Jackson’s father’s death, the winery was renamed the Jackson Family Winery.

The Jackson Family Winery surpassed Jess Jackson’s North American wineries, and international vineyards were purchased in Chile, Australia, South Africa, and Italy. The wine brands of the Jackson Family Winery also include the Spire Collection of wines. The brands of the Jackson Family Winery have exploded far beyond the Cabernet from Napa. Learn more about wines on The Drinks Business.

Julia Jackson also believes that wines from Sonoma should be receiving more visibility. The Sonoma varieties planted that are most common are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot noir.

However, Julia was not committed to a winemaking career but developed a particular interest in French wines, which led her to travel to France. She had developed a close relationship with a daughter of a French winemaker, an associate of her father, and learned French.

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Julia Jackson and her family supported up to 40 nonprofit organizations which are their commitment to charities. She associated herself with the nonprofit, Aurora Consulting. Aurora offers services and training to nonprofits in the areas of leadership and governance, performance management, and sustainability. Julia Jackson is very involved in nonprofits and wrote “YOU and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Tips from the Field’s Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs.” which was published by Charity Channel.

Julia Jackson’s current role in the Jackson Family Winery is working with the international sales team to attract a new generation of wine drinkers.

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