Do you have an interest in cancer research? Are you familiar with any of the people and organizations in this exclusive field? If you are a newbie to this industry then you’re missing out on many major advancements in medicine. Cancer has touched many peoples lives in some form or another. This deadly disease has been around for years and years, but as of late, it’s taking a major beating thanks to advanced breakthrough therapies. These therapies are actually antibody drug conjugate medications and they are far superior than treatments of the past. These powerful medications directly inject cancerous cells with cell killing agents. The best thing about it is that it spares all over living cells within the body, which drastically cuts down on ill side effects. There is one organization whom stands out when it comes to the development and commercialization of these therapies and Seattle Genetics is the difference maker.


Seattle Genetics is one of the leaders in the field as it produces many of the best cancer fighting medications. The organization is located in Bothell, Washington and it is run by Dr. Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall is well respected in this exclusive industry and he has a long list of thankful patients to back up all claims. The good doctor has an extensive educational background as he has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University as well as a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland. Dr. Siegall is highly accomplished also by being the holder of 15 patents and he has written up to 70 successful publications. The guy has a brilliant mind and an eclectic way of thinking. Running such a huge company like this takes experience and perseverance. Last year, former Vice President Joe Biden stopped by company headquarters on congratulatory purposes of Seattle Genetics’ huge success.


Dr. Siegall’s long history in the industry builds up his legacy while ensuring others that he will provide the very best services and medications to get the job done right. Clay Siegall is a true American Icon, hands down.


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