Kevin Seawright is the managing partner and CEO of RPS Solutions LLC a real estate development company that offers affordable homes in Baltimore, Maryland. He earned his master’s degree in business administration from Almeda University and studied executive leadership at the University of Notre Dame. His company helps people obtain mortgages and purchase homes in the community. They promote a safer lifestyle and equal opportunities for home ownership. He has a held a diverse range of executive positions in prominent organizations. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

Furthermore, he has worked for the City of Baltimore as a payroll director and managing fiscal offer where he handled payroll budgets and the state budget. He worked for the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks as the chief financial officer and provided fiscal management. He served as the vice president and chief operating officer for the Baltimore City Government and coordinated the operating, state and city capital budget. He was the deputy chief operating officer, finance and property director for the Baltimore City Government and the operations vice president for Tito Contractors a property management company for his Community.

Additionally, he was the executive director of operations for the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and provided strategic and financial planning to the organization. He served as the executive vice president and chief financial officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and provided his expertise in real estate and property management. He is now contributing to the development of his community and has implemented Belvedere Square, Randallstown and Perring Loch. He has also developed Parkville, West Edmondale and there are more projects on the horizon.

RPS Solutions has built these homes to offer affordable living arrangements to residents and give them comfortable homes. These communities were formed to help people increase their financial status and revamp neighborhoods. They are geared towards helping families, seniors and people with disabilities have a better quality of life.

Kevin Seawright is a dedicated community planner and has enhanced the lives of many people. He is doing his best to ensure Baltimore offers affordable homes to residents and cultivating a fair housing market. Read more:


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