Kevin Seawright is a well-heeled project management and accounting expert. Kevin has joined the Baltimore’s economic development association as Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Vice President. Kevin has a track record of proven expertise in operational and capital management which has greatly improved a number of communities on the east coast for well over a decade.

During the span of time, Kevin has worked for the city of Baltimore, he has served in payroll, finance, and accounting as well as being the Chief Operating Officer in the education division for six years. He has proven to be a very strong leader in administrative and financial operations and possesses a highly strategic vision and talent for accomplishing business goals and seeing unique opportunities. Learn more on for more info.

Kevin has a knack for formulating business operating strategies which result in more responsive finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable and collections teams accounting teams that constantly provide results by merging technological innovations with business and financial insights. Kevin Seawright has also remodeled corporate methods for organizing revenue that experience dramatic success across the industry for contractors everywhere across the East Coast.

Seawright’s prior career experience includes over 13 years in human resources management, operating and financial management at the executive level. Kevin drove well over $400M in local, federal, and private funding during his tenure. Kevin has built a name as an accomplished business leader by serving as Fiscal, budget and finance manager/director as well as several executives and chief of operations positions throughout his career.

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