Kyle Bass a Hedge-fund manager and founder of Dallas based, Hayman Capital Management est. in 2006 made a fortune correctly predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. This prediction made him a world wide super star among all of those in finance. It put him on a level where all believe he could do no wrong and that he possessed a sixth sense in predicting major issues dealing with finances and economics.

In the years following Kyle’s unprecedented success he has made one bad move after another and just can’t seem to get any sort of recovery, as outlined by the article Kyle Bass: The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler. He has not hidden any of this from anyone and has openly made his called and voiced his opinions openly in the news and on TV anytime he was able to do so. Since all of this fame Kyle has done many things to demonstrate his arrogance and lack of morals as a person.

During the Argentina debt crisis Kyle championed many of the irresponsible economics policies that were created by Cristina Kirchner and he did not have any issues with him and his buddies ripping of the entire country and holding millions of people hostage during that time to serve his own benefit to profit from.

In a way to resolve a one of bad calls he made in General Motors when their major air bag scandal become public was that he blamed the victims and passengers for either being drunk or failing to wear their seatbelts in accidents where the airbags failed to actually deploy. He tried blaming the victims for issues that were above and beyond how they used the product.

Kyle also had created a method of finding companies to invest in and at the time same time shorting their stock positions and creating a separate company to file and challenge the underlying company patent causing the stock to sell of significantly and he would make millions on the short sale and walk away like it was no big deal. He did this a simple way to fool the financial markets about these companies and con people out of millions of dollars when he could get the media news to spook the market to his benefit.

Kyle has opening admitted his actions were “motivated by a lust for profit” and in his defense stated that these companies are also driven by financial self-interest and made that case that his motivation is no different. Kyle has demonstrated that he has not problem scheming the system to work for him to stand to make a lot of money. He also believes in “suing the hell out of anyone within reach.”