China has been getting a lot of bad press lately. The Chinese economy is stalling, and the big red economy is taking other countries down in their wake. Investors like Hayman Capital Management’s CEO Kyle Bass is taking advantage of China’s financial debacle, and he’s telling the world that the days of China being a GDP superstar are over. Bass is betting 85 percent of his main hedge fund that China’s banks are going to eat away a large portion of China’s $3.3 trillion capital reserves. If that happens, and Bass thinks it will soon, then the rest of the world will feel the impact of the Chinese financial debacle in a very big way.

The fact that Kyle Bass is betting against China’s currency is a big deal to other investors. Bass does have a few big investment wins to his name. Bass was an ex-Bear Stearns executive when he predicted that the subprime mortgage bond rage was going to explode. Bass and his small hedge fund management firm, Hayman Capital, became overnight sensations when the world discovered his investment genius back in 2008. When Bass correctly predicted that the Greeks was going to default on their bonds, Bass won again. And ever since then, Bass has been in the news predicting financial disasters. He recently said Japan’s banks were going to implode, but that didn’t happen.

Bass does have an interesting investment track record. But not all his investments are considered ethical by other industry experts. When Bass backed General Motors instead of taking the victims’ side during the airbag, and ignition issues, Bass was called out for trying to protect his stock in GM at the expense of the people that died. Investors also called foul when Bass back his friend, former President Christina de Kirchner of Argentina, when she defaulted on the country’s debt bonds.

The latest Bass fiasco that is raising eyebrows is his association with patent troll Erich Spangenberg. Spangenberg is targeting drug companies that are charging outrageous prices for life-saving drugs. Bass is short-selling drug stocks when Spangenberg singles them out for investigation. The partnership between Bass and Spangenberg has been called highly unethical. Even the widow of American Sniper, Chris Kyle has called her dealings with Bass and Hayman Capital very unethical.

Bass has crossed the ethical line several times, according to fellow hedge fund managers, but Bass isn’t bothered by the accusations. The investment news, according to Kyle Bass, is still a headline maker.