Raising and having the money to pay for college was a challenge that I knew I would have to deal with at some point, but I figured the only thing I could was to just be sure that I had found someone who would help me invest. Just saving wasn’t enough, and that is why I worked with Laidlaw & Company because they made it very easy for me to know that I was investing in the right things. It is so easy for me to save money now because I am investing with the brokers I met after talking to Matthew Either and James Ahern.

The first thing that we did was to hire the people that could help us save the most money, and that is why I decided that I should try Laidlaw & Company because I knew that they would be helpful in managing my finances. They gave me a lot of options, and they made it very easy for me to learn how much I could earn every year. Earning all this money will help me just write checks for college, and then I do not even have to worry about it.

There are plenty of things that I have been able to do to raise all this money, and I have results that I know are working for me. It has been so easy for me to get the help that I need to earn money for college, and then I just write the checks when it is time. This makes so much more sense than just trying to work for the money and hope that I can get it. Saving was never enough, but Laidlaw & Company really helped me learn what could be done so that I could earn all the money right there in one account.

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