Life Line Screening is a company that is saving lives in America every single day. Life Line Screening began almost ten years ago. This is when it was determined that heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. The originators of Life Line Screening desired to put a program together that would draw people to get checked for heart disease. The only true way to do this was to make the program free. People can now get checked for heart disease for no cost at all. An appointment can be made with Life Line Screening seven days out of the week and 24 hours a day.

When people visit Life Line Screening to get checked for heart disease, these individuals will also meet with a diet specialist, which is also free. Based on the results of the heart disease test, the diet specialist will recommend a certain diet pattern for each patient. This patient will then have the choice of having a follow-up appointment within 120 days.

Life Line Screening recently conducted a test involving approximately 2,000 people. The first thousand had a heart disease test in the last six months, and the second thousand did not. It was clear that the thousand people who had a heart disease test in the last six months were healthier than those who never had a heart disease test at all. Life Line Screening placed the results of this test in newspapers, online magazines, and they were even featured on television programs.

It has been proven medically that people can have heart disease for up to 36 months before showing signs of it. The tests that Life Line Screening takes will show even a hint of heart disease. The disease can then be treated, and this will allow people to be a lot healthier and live a lot longer.

Over the last 12 months, Life Line Screening has received several patients from other countries. These individuals came from as far as the middle east to get checked for heart disease. Life Line Screening hopes they can open an express center in several countries around the world.

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