I’ve always been the type of person that believed makeup was an extension of myself. It was a way that I could truly show the world who I am. I’ve always believed in making big and bold statements. I wanted my makeup to express that. Therefore, I had my moments where I would wear bright lipsticks, eye shadows, and eye liner. If I was in a good mood, I wanted to show it through my makeup! Of course, people weren’t always accepting of this. I had friends and family who felt makeup should only be used to enhance their features. It was discouraging but then I found a company that believed what I believed. I discovered Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime makeup is more than just makeup. It’s a company that is accepting of anyone and everyone. It is a company that is encouraging individuals to be themselves. It’s a company that thinks boys, girls, and anyone who loves makeup should be allowed to wear makeup. All of these believes are thanks to a makeup pioneer who founded the company. I’m talking about Doe Deere. She has grown this company up from the bottom.

Lime Crime offers a little bit of something for everyone and it’s all available at low prices. Lime Crime has a product for every area of a persons face. There is an extensive line of lip products. The lipsticks are all different colors and all different materials. There’s literally a product for whatever look someone wants to pull off. Lime Crime also has a variety of nail colors, eye shadows, and eye liners.

One of the best aspects of Lime Crime shared on storyexchange.com is that all of the products are safe to use for vegans and they didn’t harm animals in the makeup. Those are two of the things that Doe Deere cares deeply about and she reflected that in her makeup.

Lime Crime has makeup that overall gives off a fun vibe. My personal favorite is the Zodiac Glitter. That product changes color depending on what angle it’s looked at! I enjoy that Lime Crime offers a look book. It gives pictures that we can use as inspiration behind our look! The look book shows me how to pull off Doe Deere’s matching hair and lip look. It also shows me how to rock the multi-colored lip and eye.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the products. They are high-quality and they help me to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. I never have to worry if someone is going to be pulling off the same look as me. Lime Crime has helped me to develop my own unique style and I couldn’t be more thankful. I love the products, I love the variety, and I love the way they make me feel.