Makeup has traditionally been used to hide our imperfections. But in 2015, those days are long gone. There is a growing realization that makeup is an art form that can be used to express one’s self. Many makeup enthusiast have taken to Instagram and YouTube to share their creativity and beauty with the masses. Models, musicians, artists, and even students have come together in the makeup community to share their passions, and Doe Deere is no Exception.

Doe Deere brought Lime Crime into the world by “following her daydream.” She craved a product worthy of her creative needs, a product with quality colors that made a bold statement. In 2008 she got to work. Today Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime, working with a team of makeup enthusiast out of Los Angeles, CA to bring high quality, pigmented, cruelty-free products to makeup lovers everywhere.

Marketed as “makeup for unicorns,” Lime Crime is committed to delivering an array of unique, trendsetting cosmetics. Over the years, Lime Crime has broadened its stock to include more than just eyeshadow and lipstick. Products available for purchase include liquid eyeliner, glitter, nail polish, gloss, and their popular velvetines. With so many amazing products to choose from, it’s no wonder Lime Crime has received so much hype among the makeup community on

Lime Crime even offers an eyeshadow palette featured online, rightfully named Venus: The Grunge Palette. This palette takes neutral colors to a whole new level. It Features essential shades to create both subtle and dramatic looks all for an affordable price. One of the first products crafted by Lime Crime is their Unicorn Lipstick. There are twenty different shades to choose from including edgy shades like Crybaby, My Beautiful Rocket, and Serpantina. Cry Baby is a bright, candy blue with a glossy finish. My Beautiful rocket, a favorite among customers, is reminiscent of a bright peach. Serpantina is a deep green color with a metallic finish, making it one of Lime Crime’s most unique shades.

Lime Crime’s most sought after product is their line of Velvetines. With sixteen eye popping colors to choose from, it has quickly become a liquid lipstick favorite. Velvetines go on wet then dries to a soft and touch-proof matte finish. Popular shades of Velvetines include Cashmere (greige), Squash (glow-stick orange), and Pink Velvet (perfect pink). These loud colors can enhance any look and are guaranteed to meet your expressive and artistic needs.

You can learn more about Lime Crime by visiting their website at While you’re there, go ahead and browse through all of their products and purchase makeup that will prove to be essential to your personal collection.