Lime Crime was one of the first beauty brands to hit the internet when the world of ecommerce began to boom in the early 200s. Way before other makeup companies showed concern in how their products were tested, Lime Crime set the trend. The company still to this day does not test their makeup products on animals. To support cruelty against animals, the company prides itself on giving back to charities that care for animals.

The brand of vibrantly colored products have launched a set of Venus palettes. There are three palettes in this collection. They all have the essential things you will need to create trendy spring makeup look.

The highlighter provided by these Lime Crime palettes will have your cheekbones shimmering all spring long. Highlighter will help accentuate the focal points of your face. Try it on your cheeks, under your eyes, or even under your brows to give yourself a beautiful glow.

Try out Lime Crime’s Apricot Nude matte lipstick. Matte will be the best addition to your makeup look as it shows the natural texture and curve of your lips best. But if you prefer glossy, Lime Crime offers a host of ultra glossy lipsticks as well.

The Venus palettes will give you many options to choose for your eyeshadow look. You can opt for metallic colors or something deep and muted. Whatever your style is, Lime Crime has so much to offer for your eyes this season.

Let’s not forget the eyeliner. The eyeliner must accompany the eyeshadow. It will make your eyeshadow just beam so much more. Eyeliner will help to define your eyes and draw attention to your eyeshadow look.

This season’s color is purple. Purple is showing up everywhere in the beauty world. You can wear this hue on your lips, eyes and even nails. Don’t think you only have the option of a deep purple this spring. Purple is coming in every shade from a spring lilac, to a bright fuchsia, to a deep and mysterious plum. You can even play around with the diverse purple shades for your overall look.

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