Lori Senecal is a businesswoman with many success stories throughout her career history. Currently holding the title of Global Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, she states that her many successes are all a result of her early life. Lori Senecal has said that she was inspired by her older siblings’ successes when growing up, which pushed her to achieve her life and career goals even before earning a degree in Sales and Marketing after graduating from McGill University.

After her graduation, Lori Senecal proved to have talent in leading organizations and companies. Her dedication to inspiring people to give their best has made her a wanted employee in the eyes of many businesses as she has a record of directing companies to success. For more details visit ideamensch

She has worked with many prominent companies and well-known brands like Nabisco, Sprint, Xbox, Molson, Weight Watcher’s, InBev, Applebee’s, Staples, Nestle as well as with Coca-Cola where she worked as a Global Accountant Director. In 2003 Lori Senecal also took part in founding the young-adult marketing unit TAG Ideation.

In 2005, DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. recruited Lori Senecal on their team, and she became the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Lori Senecal was at the position until 2008 before she moved on to take on another challenge. Senecal received a promotion to lead the entirety of the Sales and Marketing division. That was a good move on behalf of the corporation as Lori Senecal did wonders for its revenue. Check out cpbgroup to know more.

Over the next few years, Lori Senecal served at other businesses as well. She was appointed to a variety of positions such as Accountant Management Director, Executive Vic President, President, Chief executive officer, and Partner.

Lori Senecal is known for her business success and is credited as one of the women that paved the way for other in business. You can follow her on Twitter

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