FreedomPop is leading the way in low-cost cell phone service, and even though many different service providers wish they could be as cutting edge as FreedomPop, none of them have moved towards lowering their prices. Many cell phone service providers are actually raising their prices on their cell phone service, which makes FreedomPop that much more valuable. Those who like to have an unlimited cell phone service will love FreedomPop because that’s exactly what they’ll receive when they sign up for their services. FreedomPop offers a $20 a month unlimited cell phone service that includes calling, texting, and data.

Many who have been on an unlimited data plan or have limited services with their current cell phone provider can make the switch to FreedomPop and still know that they’ll receive great service and a wide coverage area. FreedomPop is on the Sprint network, which means that coverage is never a problem because it spreads across the USA. Those who sign up for FreedomPop can do it in many different places in the USA, or it’s possible to sign up for the services online. Opt for the $20 per month unlimited service if the free service that’s offered by FreedomPop doesn’t have enough minutes, text messages, or date.

FreedomPop does offer a free cell phone service that includes data, text messages, and phone calls, but the services are limited. With 200 minutes of call time, 250 text messages, and 500 MB of data, this may not be enough for the average phone user these days. Since many people depend on their GPS to get them around, the 500 MB of data would be eaten up very quickly on the FreedomPop free plan, so getting the unlimited plan would be more ideal.

Based on what many companies charge these days, the FreedomPop $20 plan is still $30 cheaper on average than other companies that offer the same unlimited service. Making the switch the FreedomPop is easy, and it’s possible to bring along a current phone that’s being used on another carrier, especially if it’s on the Sprint network. Unlocked phones that can be transferred over to FreedomPop can work, or one can choose to purchase the many great phones that FreedomPop offers from the best brands like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Choosing FreedomPop for cell phone service is always an excellent choice and is the lowest priced service choice too.

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