How important is your name, and what are you willing to do to protect it? The digital age has allowed the transferring of information at a lightening fast rate of speed. It doesn’t matter how personal or how sensitive that information is it is available to anyone smart enough to retrieve it. With that being said, have you ever “googled” your name? If not, you should try it. When you do, you will be amazed at two things. First, you will be surprised at how many people have the same name as you. Secondly, you will not believe how much of your personal information is out there for anyone to see. For the average person this is not a problem, but if you are a business and your income depends on your name and your reputation then you have every right to be concerned.

Social media has created the need for many online industries. The management of reputations is one. Negative reviews, negative press, and damaging feedback can stay attached to your name for years. Most of us don’t make a habit of checking to see what shows up by our name. It would be a time-consuming activity that most people don’t know how to do. Don’t worry about it, there are full-service companies willing to do it for you at a reasonable price. These companies not only help you create and build a strong positive online reputation, but they also are instrumental in helping you maintain it. Search results don’t change they are just layered one on top of the other. The benign and the boring is right there with the repulsive and the repressive. Search engine optimization can correct these issues; you just need to know who to call.

Bury Bad Articles is a newcomer to the industry. This relatively new company understands how costly bad press can be. They understand that what people see and read on social media they usually believe. They understand how damaging past issues, unforeseen circumstances, or personal problems that weren’t handled well can come back to haunt you in printed text. What they do is bury bad articles. They push down the bad, the negative, and the inaccurate articles and put in its place information that is accurate, positive, and good.

Individuals and businesses benefit from having a good name. If attached to your name is some bad press, just take comfort in knowing it can be handled and removed.