Marc Sparks is one of the leading serial entrepreneur, philanthropists, author and venture capitalists from Dallas. His immense success in all of his fortes has made him one of the most popular individuals who has devoted his life to helping other individuals and businesses.

Marc Sparks is a high school graduate student from Austin, Texas. After completing his graduation in 1975, he began his entrepreneurial life and within 35 years he has been a principal in dozens of startups.

He has a keen passion for building businesses. While many other seeks security in a 9 to 5 jobs, Marc preferred to venture on a risky path to transform innovative ideas into revenue generating businesses. He is mostly interested in business ideas that others consider as impossible and loves to prove them wrong with his ingenuity and experience.

Mark is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital, LP which is a private equity firm. He manages some portfolio companies and provides a wide range of support to new ventures and startups through his firm. Their offerings include but not limit to financial and intellectual capital, office space, equipment, legal, accounting, graphic arts and web development, customer service expertise, merchant banking, marketing, networking and support staff.

What makes Mark so successful in his career is his approach to life. He is driven by focus, faith, passion and ‘Sparks Speed’, his outrageous sense of urgency. He lives by creating examples for others.

He is also a successful writer. He has written a book named “They Can’t Eat You.” It is based on his real experiences depicting the stories of his success and failure over the last 35 years. This book has been highly appreciated by scholars and entrepreneurs for its motivational tone and inspirational stories.

Apart from building businesses from scratch, Marc is interested in helping others. As a philanthropist in heart, he has been involved with some humanitarian causes in Dallas and beyond. He was involved with The Samaritan Inn project, a homeless shelter project in Dallas since the 80s. The project also provides counseling, financial education, job placement, family services, and health programs.

Also, he is also involved with Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO and made personal contributions in building houses for the homeless people. He is also a big supporter of American Can! Academy and the founder of Sparky’s Kids that donated more than a thousand computers to at-risk children.

He is a health enthusiast, outdoorsman and enjoys various outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, golf, working out, and adventurous travel. He traveled the world in twenty-three days and had some adventures in different exotic places around the world.

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