Investment banking simply refers to a special division of banking that deals with the creation of capital for various entities that include businesses, governments among others. Institutions dealing with investment banking are referred to as investment banks. These banks are involved in underwriting new debts and equity securities, assist in sale of securities and aid in facilitation of mergers and acquisitions.


Most of the popular investment banks around are either affiliated with or are subsidiaries of bigger financial institutions. Some that have made a name for themselves include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. When it comes to large and complicated transactions, many companies turn to investment banks. These banks offer advice on the net worth of a company as well as the best structuring of a deal for companies seeking an acquisition, merger or sale.


Working behind the scenes to ensure the success of investment banks is a team of well-trained investment bankers who assist their clients in planning and managing large projects and identifying the risks associated with a project before implementation to ensure that the clients do not waste their time or money. Investment bankers have precise knowledge on the current investing climate and this proves very valuable to businesses and institutions that seek their services.


When a company is looking to issue stocks, investment banks serve as the middlemen between the company and potential investors. The banks aid with pricing of financial instruments to ensure the clients get to maximize revenue in these transactions. When a company is holding its IPO, an investment bank will move in and buy a majority or all of the stock on offer and later sell the stock on the market as a proxy for the company.


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