Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Culture is as nuanced as it is broad and beautiful. During times of cultural dissonance, it is critical to celebrate the commonalities that all innocent souls share. So, during a climate in which all popular media is seemingly political, when a once-in-a-lifetime event like Lovaganza pops up on the radar for the 2020 election year, it behooves one to pay close attention.

Lovaganza is a cultural experience that seeks to unite all people in one common purpose: love.

The inherent good of mankind prevails through the integrative media project on Facebook; as actors ceaselessly strive to embody the collective soul of a human experiment that has come a long way from the hunter-gatherer mentality. Social evolution through communal strength is the modern iteration of Social Darwinism, albeit lacking the negative connotation, and Lovaganza makes its message clear. Humanity is strongest when it is not divided upon itself.

Lovaganza follows the soul of humanity through the lens of its many worldly iterations, creating an experience that is appropriately out of this world. Combining the resounding resilience of human spirit from the downtrodden streets of Asia to the rolling plains of western-pioneer America, Lovaganza is an epic Bohemian adventure. This project will revolutionize popular entertainment by creating a clear association between its willing escapists and the very tangible realm of culture and social interaction. Recently, technology has served to undermine the beauty of humanity through obsession with corporately created idols.

Thus, it is increasingly apparent that a reactive solution is necessary to save the collective mind of the world’s youth and preserve the rich history of humanity. Lovaganza will be this living archive, and it will do so very elegantly. There is no changing the fact that bureaucracy ends up being driven by capital, this is a sociological concept known as the self-proliferating bureaucracy. What is so unique about Lovaganza is that it stands within the realm of a skewed system yet will still lead to immeasurably meaningful progress. Therefore, Lovaganza and other films/social experiments that carry the same spiritual sentiment are not only a great form of entertainment and lighthearted celebration of the world’s varying culture; they are the cultural foundation for a new generation that will be able to stand proudly in its roots, rather than traverse digital realms seeking digital satisfaction from digital companions.

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