Matt Badiali is the editor of S&A Resource Report, a monthly publication that helps investors make decisions regarding stocks in natural resources. Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. While working on his PhD from the University of North Carolina, he was introduced to the world of finance by a close friend who thought his scientific background would prove invaluable in helping to guide average investors who were looking to get into the natural resources market. Since then, Matt has become one of the leading natural resource experts in the investment industry, specializing in knowledge of energy and metals. Matt has recently brought his expertise to Banyan Hill Publishing as its natural resource expert. Matt’s success in the industry is due not only to his extensive knowledge but also to his hands-on approach to his work. He has been on site at mining operations worldwide talking to local experts. He discloses the results of these travels in the Banyan Hill Publication Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter that guides readers in investing in oil, metals, agricultural commodities and construction materials. Matt Badiali also helps investors make decisions in the acquisition of Freedom Checks. According to Matt Badiali, a Freedom Check is a “dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” These checks trade like normal stocks and are great for investors. Matt helps investors wade through the waters and identify which companies are the best.

The Return of the Zinc Bull:

Recently, Matt has become vocal about the investment opportunities in the zinc market. He has predicted that zinc would soon recover from recent low trading trends and enter into a bull market. With the possibility of as much as a 500% gain, a zinc bull market could make investors a fortune, and quickly. Matt has commented that the last zinc bull market that lasted from 2002 to 2006 could soon return and with similar gains. With the track record and knowledge to back up his claims, those who take Matt’s advice could soon see a massive windfall. Zinc consumption continues to grow and is critical in uses ranging from a standard nail to the cars you see on the road every day. It provides the shiny coating you often see on galvanized metal and is instrumental in the production of sunscreen. It is a metal that is often overlooked but its rally can provide investors with great exposure to the natural resources industry as well as an amazing wealth generating opportunity. Read:


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