Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Finance in the year 1980. He later joined the University of Denver Graduate where he undertook a Tax Program. Mr.Autterson’ s successful career began at First Trust Corporation but he left in 1982 for new Colorado State chartered trust company which became a subsidiary of a company called Integrated Resources Inc based in New York-based. He later, in 1986 her became the leader of Resources Trust Company. Three years later the company he was president over, Resources Trust Company, was acquired by Broad Inc which at the time also acquired other assets also owned by Intergrated Resources Inc. Broad Inc would later change its name to SunAmerica which was later acquired by AIG close to 12 years after Matthew Autterson was named president of the formely known Resources Trust Company.

Matthew Autterson is currently a member of the Board of Directors of a non-profit organisation based in the United States known as Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He is also a leader of business community in Colorado. Mr. Matthew has remained very vocal in promoting charitable activities for decades now. Matthew has also played a key role in promoting charitable while serving at the Board of the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Hospice.

In all of these roles, Matthew has consistently supported and contributed towards elimination of human suffering and has indeed touched the lives of many disadvantaged people in the society. For instance, at Falci Adaptive Biosystems, where Mr. Autterson continues to play a key leadership role, the company uses technology to ensure enhance improvement in the lives of disabled patients by ensuring that the disabled effectively control automobiles and wheelchairs wherever they go be it at going about their work at home or at their places of employment. This has a gone a long way towards improving the way disable people operate in their day to day lives.

Matthew Auterson has in the past given his contributions in terms of mentorship and contributed positively towards the Young Presidents Organization as well as the World Presidents Organization where he greatly contributed towards youth leadership and as a result is viewed and looked up to by many young people as a mentor.

Mr. Matthew is currently the overall lead at CNS Bioscience Inc which is a drug development company that focusses on the treatment of neuropathic pain. Under his very able leadership, this company continues to offer relieve to millions of people across the world who need the much need relieve from neuropathic pain and other effects associated with the deadly illness. Mr. Matthew plays a key role in CNS Bioscience Inc where is is currently the President, Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member of the said company


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