In the year 2003, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage came to be a part of the 5 AM Venture Management LLC family, joining the company as a Venture Partner. He, later on, went ahead to become a Managing Partner in the year 2004 at 5 AM Venture Management LLC. Dr. Scott M. Rocklage has an excess of over 30 years in the healthcare management field and has earned himself great notability within these circles.

He has gained vast experience in his journey in his line of expertise and thanks to his strategic leadership responsibilities; he championed the approval of Cubicin, Omiscan, and Teslascan, which are three New Drug Applications, by the FDA. Dr. Scott has also brought some patients for the clinical trials of these treatments.

In addition to this, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage has also been the Acting CEO of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals Incorporated in May 2016 and later on in the same month picked up the CEO post at the same company which he later on left in July of the same year. Dr. Scott Rocklage also served as the CEO and President at Nycomed Salutar having also held different R&D posts at Catalytica as well as Salutar.

Before this, though, he had held the Board Chairman position at Novira, which was absorbed by Johnson and Johnson, as well as Relypsa, NASDAQ: RLYP. At the moment, Dr. Scott Rocklage has occupied the Board Chairman position at Kinestral, Rennovia and also Cidara, NASDAQ: CDTX.

He is also on the Boards of EPIRUS and Pulmatrix, NASDAQ: EPRS and NASDAQ: PULM, respectively. In his earlier ventures, he was the Exec Chairman at Ilypsa, bought by Amgen, Semprus, bought by Teleflex, and also Miikana, which was absorbed by EntreMed.

Scott attended the University of California where he attained a B.S in Chemistry and afterward went to MIT to acquire a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

It was during his time in MIT where he got to conduct his research in the laboratory of the 2005 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry known as Richard R. Schrock. Dr. Scott is also an inventor/co-inventor on more than 30 US patents and more than 100 peer-reviewed publications.

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