To be an advisor in some cases, you need to not only hear about something but have experienced and used it as well. Sometimes even exclusive researching and reading is not enough; the experience is crucial. This is why Banyan Hill had a tough time getting someone to write for their cryptocurrency column. They wanted someone who had bought and sold the crypto coins and not only heard about them. Ian King writes in the Banyan Hills on a weekly basis to educate their readers on how to trade using cryptocurrency. He also advisors the firm on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

When they met Ian King, they knew he was the right individual for the business. Ian began his career in the famous Salomon Brothers’ as a desk clerk. Later, he spent ten years in Peahi Capital as a head trader. After the cryptocurrency was introduced in the market, he created a website and began educating people on how to sell and buy all kinds of crypto. It is worthwhile to note that Ian studied Psychology in the University. Later, he realized he had the passion for trends and trades.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be used to transact online. There are very many things that they can purchase. The importance of the banks is to act as the middle person to confirm a transaction took place. However, with cryptocurrency, there is no need of a middle person. The moment a transaction takes place, everyone can see it has happened. This will reduce the transaction costs and eliminate the need for a third party. Ian King believes that cryptocurrency is here to stay. He adds that every decade something mighty comes up that revolutionizes all the industries. He says that people who are prepared in such times accumulate so much in a short time.

Ian King kick starts his day by watching the news and a cup of coffee, followed by exercising. The exercises help in refreshing him for the day. It also makes him productive by clearing his mind and allowing room for idea generation. He then reads on the crypto news to know how the asset class is faring. The rest of the day is voted to researching on cryptocurrencies and answering questions to the clients. He says he has to keep reading to ensure he knows everything that is trending in the cryptocurrency world to inform his readers in good time. It also ensures he can answer all questions he is asked. View:


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