One of the world’s biggest experts on the subject of collecting antique guns is Michael Zomber. He has spent his entire life studying all of the various aspects of guns and their history. He has an extensive collection that most people who are involved in this hobby would like to possess. Zomber occasionally loans out some of his prize pieces so they can be displayed at various museums around the country. He does this because he believes that other gun enthusiasts should be able to enjoy looking at these fantastic pieces of art.

Zomber is often sought out by various publications and TV networks when the subject of antique guns comes up. It is generally agreed that nobody knows as much about these items as Michael does. Therefore, his expertise is often in demand. He frequently gives interviews and is happy to share his knowledge with other people who are interested in the hobby that he is passionate about.

Zomber was taught by his parents to value the importance of education. He studied hard from very early in his youth. He was always among the top students in his school. Zomber decided to go to the University of Illinois to achieve a dual major in English and psychology. Needless to say, getting two degrees at the same time is no easy feat. He followed this up by going to UCLA and getting an English literature master’s degree.

Zomber’s expertise is not only limited to antique guns. He is also one of the leading experts when it comes to samurai swords. He has a large collection of these weapons that originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. He carefully studies each weapon that he purchases. He likes to discover the history of each sword. Who owned it? When was it originally made? Who made it? These are all important questions for collectors who are as serious as Zomber. He even tried his hand at film making when he wrote a documentary about the ancient samurai warriors that was very well received. He has also authored several novels during his impressive career.

Michael Zomber and his wife spend a large part of their free time giving back to people who need a helping hand. He is known as a very generous person who is always making significant donations to a wide variety of charities. He is respected for both his knowledge of guns and for his philanthropy.