We have all experienced that that crucial moments when our whole lives are changed by a phone call. I know that my life was flipped upside down when my wife’s doctor called and said she wanted to have a consultation with us in her office that Monday. Our minds were going in a million different directions, because my wife had recently had a biopsy on a small lump that appeared in a mammogram. All we could do that moment was hug each other and pray for the best. The call came on Friday and we had the whole weekend to fret and worry ourselves sick over Monday’s conference.

That Monday morning, we sat down in my wife’s doctor’s office as she gave us the news. The lump that pathology was confirmed as cancer. It was as if I had left my body and was standing in a corner hearing all of this. We could not talk and could scarcely breathe as the doctor continued that they were going to do a PET scan to see if any of my wife’s lymph nodes were affected. From there, we would formulate a medical plan of action. Of course, she said that she was sorry to tell us. However, she also said that there were many treatment options available.

What does a person do when hearing such devastating news? We drove home in numb silence and did not decide to talk about it until later that evening. I hugged my wife and told her that I was with her every step of the way and that we were going to beat this thing together. After a while of tears, she dried her face and got a look of determination on her face. She said that she may be dealing with breast cancer, but the disease did not know with whom it was dealing. I had to chuckle and we laughed and cried a little more.

Fortunately, the PET scan showed that cancer cells had not metastasized anywhere else; however, they recommended a partial mastectomy to lessen the chances of the cancer returning. My wife also would have preventative rounds of chemotherapy and some radiation treatments. We were relieved that the cancer had not spread but were apprehensive about all the treatments.

The next few months were so difficult for my wife. She had surgery and was dealing with losing a part of her body. She also had to deal with slowly losing her hair and the sickness that was side effects of the chemo and radiation. Last month, her doctors declared her to be in full remission. We are truly grateful for her life being spared.

Our doctor’s office is part of Nobilis Health Corporation. Nobilis is a premier health care leader that manages various types of medical facilities across America. The medical staff who cared for my wife were highly-trained and experienced in oncological services. Their competence and compassion impressed us. During my wife’s whole ordeal, they kept us involved in her care plan. Today, she is healthy and enjoying our retirement. I recommend the health care services under Nobilis Health Corporation.