OSI Group, one of America’s top custom suppliers of processed food products, is on the rise.

OSI is a leader in the production of meat patties, processed chicken, sausages, hot dogs, fish, and vegetable dishes to some of the top restaurants in the world and it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon.

OSI Food Solutions recently completed a 17 million euro investment in their processing plant in Toledo, Spain effectively doubling the plant’s capacity. This new production line increases the plant’s chicken processing capacity from 12,000 to 24,000 tons and added 20 jobs to the OSI Food Solution payroll.

The move also allows OSI Food Solutions to expand beef and pork production as well, bringing total production at the Toledo plant to 45,000 tons of food production.

In addition to expanding existing facilities, OSI Food Solutions has continued their extensive acquisition of other food processing facilities. After Tyson Foods closed a plant outside Chicago, near OSI’s corporate headquarters, OSI Group stepped in. The former Tyson facility allows OSI Food Solutions to expand their foothold in the rapidly expanding North American market.

OSI Group’s recent acquisition of Baho Food extends their production reach into frozen entrees directed at consumers, as well as deli meats, and snack foods. The bulk of the Baho team will remain under the broader OSI Group umbrella, including Managing Director, John Balvers. Mr. Balvers believes the combined group will bring a better experience for a broad range of customers.

OSI Food Solutions isn’t only focused on expanding capacity. They are also committed to standardized processes and represent the apogee of food safety procedures. Dr. Kenneth Peterson, formerly of the US Department of Agriculture, to oversee quality assurance in 2015.

OSI’s commitment to acquisition, growth, food quality assurance and standardization have made the company one of America’s top suppliers of processed food products to restaurants throughout the world.

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