OSI Industries has made its way to the top of the ranks in the food service industry. The company is worth billions of dollars because it food provides services that many people depend on. The world would come crashing to a complete stop without these vital services and it’s a gig that must be completed each day of the week. OSI Industries is an equal-opportunity workplace. There is no discrimination here as the company has an eclectic mix of employees with various nationalities. Speaking of employees, OSI has up to 20,000 employees in total. Job positions are always being offered here as long as the applicant has ambition to grow. These positions come in the form of processors, developers, administrators and executives.

Being a multi-billion-dollar company isn’t easy, but OSI Industries make it look extremely easy. The company has a strong footing thanks to its solid foundation. Did you know that this wholesale-food provider has been around for a century? Yes, this is correct and OSI has revamped its style on multiple occasions. The company started-out as a meat locker in Oak Park, Illinois. After some growth spurts and a relocation to Maywood, Illinois, the company would revamp itself into a premier wholesaler. As of now, the company is headquartered in gorgeous Aurora, Illinois. What kind of foods does the company offer? OSI Industries has the ability to produce foods such as:

• Chicken Wings

• Meatballs

• Beef Patties

• Fruits

• Tofu

• Ribettes

• Pot Roast

• Poultry Products

• Cheese

• Pepperoni

• Bacon Bits

• Chicken Fried Steak

• And numerous others

The British Safety Council recognized OSI Industries for its excellence in environmental management for the third time in five straight years. The company received the Globe of Honour Award at a luncheon at Drapers’ Hall in London in 2016.

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