Kevin Seawright is a project management professional based in Baltimore and he has over the past years spent most of his career managing government entities. Among the government properties, he has managed include institutions, and real estate sectors across the broader parts of the United States like New Jersey, Maryland, among others. He has served in a number of other firms including serving as the managing director for Baltimore’s Department of Housing, a Chief financial officer at the department of recreational and Parks, which is also located in Baltimore. Throughout his career. He has strived to acquire the best and learn new ideas through which he has successfully established a vast number of his own privately owned firms. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

Kevin also has an admirable educational background and he started his higher education at the University of University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of business, where he acquired his degree in executive leadership. He later undertook his MBA from the University of Almenda, where he completed his course. The vast knowledge he acquired from the university, he has successfully managed a vast number of firms he hence leading to their success and tremendous growth.

After operating in the government for a vast number of years, Kevin Seawright later established his own venture the RPS Solutions LLC, which is majorly based on the real estate sector investment. Through his firm, he has successfully improved the home ownership sector in Baltimore and through his real; estate establishments, he has successfully improved the living standards of many people in the area through providing affordable housing to them.

In his RPS Firm, Kevin Seawright has a great mission towards helping the people of Baltimore establish and own their own real estate ventures as well as create a very stable socio-economic environment for every individual in the society. He has successfully helped people acquire better living standards hence improved the economic status of the country in general. Kevin`s passion to help people has seen him acquire a lot of fame in the broader parts of Baltimore and his successes have been associated with the vast number of leadership skills that he has acquired over the past years. Read more:


OSI Industries has made its way to the top of the ranks in the food service industry. The company is worth billions of dollars because it food provides services that many people depend on. The world would come crashing to a complete stop without these vital services and it’s a gig that must be completed each day of the week. OSI Industries is an equal-opportunity workplace. There is no discrimination here as the company has an eclectic mix of employees with various nationalities. Speaking of employees, OSI has up to 20,000 employees in total. Job positions are always being offered here as long as the applicant has ambition to grow. These positions come in the form of processors, developers, administrators and executives.

Being a multi-billion-dollar company isn’t easy, but OSI Industries make it look extremely easy. The company has a strong footing thanks to its solid foundation. Did you know that this wholesale-food provider has been around for a century? Yes, this is correct and OSI has revamped its style on multiple occasions. The company started-out as a meat locker in Oak Park, Illinois. After some growth spurts and a relocation to Maywood, Illinois, the company would revamp itself into a premier wholesaler. As of now, the company is headquartered in gorgeous Aurora, Illinois. What kind of foods does the company offer? OSI Industries has the ability to produce foods such as:

• Chicken Wings

• Meatballs

• Beef Patties

• Fruits

• Tofu

• Ribettes

• Pot Roast

• Poultry Products

• Cheese

• Pepperoni

• Bacon Bits

• Chicken Fried Steak

• And numerous others

The British Safety Council recognized OSI Industries for its excellence in environmental management for the third time in five straight years. The company received the Globe of Honour Award at a luncheon at Drapers’ Hall in London in 2016.

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As the editorial director of Total Wealth Insider, a publication that is part of the company, Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine brings more than twenty plus years of knowledge and life experiences concerning the world of market investing as well as financial journalism.

Yastine had held the role of Director of Financial Newsletters before working for Banyan Hill Publishing. From April 2013 to July 2015, Yastine worked at Newsmax Media, Inc. Mr. Yastine has also been the Editorial Director of the Oxford Club, and a Senior Correspondent for Nightly Business Report from 1993 to 2010. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.

Jeff Yastine has been a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and other publication, Sovereign Investor Daily. Yastine strives to help current, and future investors grasp some of the financial, economic, and business trends, to make informed decisions.

Regarding his education background, Jeff Yastine earned a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida in 1986.

In addition to being a well-known publisher, Yastine is an Emmy-nominated correspondent as well as a former television anchor at the PBS Nightly Business Report. He held the TV anchor role from 1984 to 2000. Yastine was fortunate enough to have interviewed famous business people like Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell. Through these unique journalistic experiences, Jeff Yastine has been able to gather key financial insights as well as investing secrets from some of the most successful people alive.

Besides an Emmy, Yastine also won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence. Yastine and a group of NBR journalists won this award based on a 30-minute report about the U.S. bond market.

Concerning cybersecurity and future investments, Jeff Yastine remarked that in January of 2018 there had been a total of $7.6 billion provided in capital to startup companies in 2017 — according to the firm, CB Insights. This 2017 startup capital is double what it was in 2016. Jeff Yastine also noted that venture firms provided startup capital to approximately 548 companies. This number has increased, 17 percent from the 2016 data about venture funding. View:


Sheldon is the chief executive officer of the renowned OSI Group. He is devoted to seeing the company expand its image and presence internationally. Some of the major and striking achievements include the acquisition of companies such as the Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. In so doing, Sheldon Lavin is hopeful to bring more modern food processing facilities worldwide. Looking into his expertise, Lavin joined the meat industry 43 years ago following his success in banking career in a well-known consultant firm. Upon his appointment as the chairman and the chief executive officer, Lavin changed the corporation from local level to an international level of supplying food products. He is proud of the family-oriented culture in the firm that makes sure that the employee turnover is minimal hence the longevity of service.

Going into his leadership and career line, Sheldon Lavin joined the meat industry in the year 1970 which was then referred to as OSI Industries. OSI Group began expanding and putting up facilities in Europe and North America in the 1970s. By 1980s, the company had taken over to South America and Taiwan. Since then, the company has continued to expand to various places and countries across continents. Lavin has 100 percent voting control in the firm. The company has over 60 facilities in more than 16 countries around the world. Apart from the leadership aspect Sheldon Lavin is a passionate philanthropist who gets involved in various charitable events. These include Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, and Evans Scholarship Fund among many others. He has been accorded some awards basing on the achievements both in his personal life and professionally. In 2016, Lavin was issued with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in India. This kind of award takes note of various markets that have been able to meet their goals as a result of perseverance and complete competence. This was the fifth time receiving the award at the Academy in honor of distinguished visionaries.

In addition, under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has been awarded the Globe of Honour Award that is awarded by British Council. This award recognizes the corporations and firms that develop innovative approaches towards reducing the environmental pollution and the effect of pollution. The company was a swell ranked 66th in the beverage and food market. The firm was also named the leading organization in the world by Forbes. All the awards were made possible by the presence of a great administration by Sheldon Lavin.

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Equities First Holdings is the escape to the deteriorating financial instabilities. The firm handles short-term economic hardships for the investors. Investors from all over the world come through for funding hence the firm brings together the investors from across the globe. The company bases its capital offices in Indianapolis since the starting in the year 2002 by Mr. Al Christy Jr, the CEO.

Equities First Holdings has plans in how to give out the non-purposed loan. Therefore, we have completed more than 700 transactions up to today. The firm is raising the productivity in investment hence profitability. Also, the people’s living standard goes high.

Equities First Holdings provides attractive terms in giving out the loan. Thus, fetching new clients each day. The firm offers quick cash that helps to settle short-term financial difficulties. Many people use the money to open up new ventures or expand the existing business premises.

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DuratexEucatex has established that they are going to have a partnership amongst themselves. Eucatex will share an acreage in Capão Bonito in replacement of the manufacturing and production of lean stacks of lumber from Botucatu.

Duratex plans on remaining with the land and creating organic resources, right by the Duratex plant in Itapetinga.

The foundation of the company is around R $ 60 million. The aforementioned production line in Botucatu employs 280 people and achieves around 200 thousand m³ each year. Duratex is continuing with the manufacturing of its plant in Itapetinga. The re-integration will occur this month. Flavio Maluf, leader of Eucatex, released an address in regards to this recently.

He revealed the information to the business’s employees and managers from Botucatu regarding the contract. Flavio Maluf stated that the company will be awaiting judgment by official CADE authorizations. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.



Dear Fellow Employees,

Good afternoon,

I’m honored to disclose some information about a recent addition purchased from Duratex. The new addition is a wood fiber plant positioned in the town of Botucatu.

Using this addition, we’ll advance our manufacturing ability of fiber sheets by more than two-thirds. One-third of that being paint capacity and 40% being paper printing.

We’ll also be more equipped to deal with arrangements, and reduce our costs in the long-term.

Also, we’ll make our existence in areas where we aren’t presently working in Brazil and across the ocean more robust. This sale is accountable to official authorizations (CADE). So, we’ll be standing by for the green light.

In regards to future projects, we’ll start to gain the teamwork of all the organization’s units. A lot more job openings will come with the addition of this unit with Eucatex, making our current placement more favorable across the board.



Louis Chenevert has had an exciting career in business. He enjoys helping companies increase sales and profits. When he started his career at General Motors, he never thought he would eventually become CEO of a major company. He worked hard throughout his career and advanced quickly.

WHen Louis Chenevert started working at General Motors, the company was expanding in various ways. The growth of the company opened up multiple opportunities for Louis Chenevert to take on additional responsibilities. He is the type of person who wants to achieve high levels of success in whatever he does.


Louis Chenevert became a manager at General Motors after working at the company for a few years. When he became a manager, he had to adjust to new expectations at the company quickly. He read various leadership books and was able to help many of his direct reports get promoted.

Later in his career, he received a job offer to become an executive at United Technologies Corporation. Although he did not want to leave his job, he felt this was an opportunity he could not pass up.

Becoming CEO

After working at United Technologies Corporation for a few years, Louis Chenevert became CEO of the company. He became CEO and had to make numerous changes to improve the company. Sales and profits were declining, and the economy was in the midst of a significant recession.

Although things looked bleak at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert knew that he could get things turned around. He worked hard to improve various processes at the company, and he hired the best workers possible. Over time, he was able to make drastic changes that improved the business.

Louis Chenevert decided to leave his position as CEO and pursue other opportunities in life. He is excited about all of the opportunities that he has for the future. He plans to spend a lot of time with his friends and family.

In today’s day in age because of the internet the modelling industry has become saturated with “Instagram models” and fashionistas that are born every single day with the click of a button and wallah; you have an amateur entrepreneur that’s gone pro. With so many different angles and aspects to the fashion world and the industry of modelling, there are core ideas that must be considered to elevate one’s self to the ranks of elite models. This premier education doesn’t come from experience alone but rather mentor-ship from some of the best in the industry. Below is a list of reasons to understand exactly why it is important to communicate with an establishment like Brown Agency.


  1. Finding the right mentor-ship means finding the right agency.


Many models are not educated on the ins and outs of the modelling industry, thus making their progression a slow build. The benefits of having a mentor is the literal capabilities of walking in that person’s foot steps onto the path of success with the ability to catch the least amount of resistance on your journey. Failure is a huge part of success but mentor-ship allows you to fail forward with less road blocks along the way, making your learning experience much more valuable.




  1. Education on the industry


“Where to begin” seems like the common question posed to anyone that may not have a blue print or the know how in order to start and finish whatever their desired goal may be. Posing for the money shot is a quarter of the battle. Endorsements, sponsorship, promotional modeling and more are the essentials of making a living as a model. With the right guidance and business professionalism involved, it is much more complicated for a model that might be a little more green when it comes to their ability to negotiate.


  1. Guaranteed Work


Having an agency in your corner guarantees you work because if you don’t get paid, they don’t get paid. There is a lot involved in the process of becoming successful, late nights filled with stress and game planning to ensure the right outcome however the convenience of having an agent helps to put that all into perspective as it relates to the smaller details that make the bigger picture possible.


Overall, having the prowess of an establishment like Brown Modelling Agency is crucial in taking your modelling career to the next level. Every success story anyone has ever seen has a backstory about who personally assisted them along the way and what steps that they took to get where they needed to go. The sky’s the limit because half of the battle to being successful is knowing what is possible. You can visit their Instagram page.

Paul Mampilly has leveraged his education as a graduate of Fordham University to an extraordinary height. Ace hedge fund manager, winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing contest, financial television analyst, commentator, and a rising champion for ordinary investors who are often stymied by the seemingly random nature of the markets. Mampilly’s advisory services help to level the playing field between Main Street investors and high powered Wall Street firms. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

The career of Paul Mampilly began with Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager and showed a knack for finance and investing. Other assignments followed and they included successful stints with ING and Deutsche Bank where he managed multi-million dollar accounts. Throughout this period of time, his skills and reputation continued growing and led to another fantastic assignment.

Kinetics Asset Management was his next stop and they tabbed him to be the key hedge fund manager for their $6 billion dollar firm. With Mampilly in place, the firm grew at a rapid pace and was soon worth $25 billion. This standout performance was acknowledged by the venerable Barron’s magazine and Kinetics was named as one of the World’s Best hedge funds.

The crowning achievement of Paul Mampilly’s Wall Street career was his victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing competition. Going up against some of the nation’s best financial minds, Mampilly outperformed them all and won the contest despite the bear market conditions. His long-only strategy highlighted his stock picking skills and his nuanced sector analysis.

The growing success of Paul Mampilly’s career brought him into the media’s spotlight especially in light of his victory in the Templeton contest. He was featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business where he provided market commentary as an expert hedge fund manager. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

The torrid pace of Wall Street began to take its toll on Paul Mampilly and with tremendous achievements in hand, he began to wind down his career. He retired early at the age of 42 and left behind the pressure and great responsibilities of a top-performing hedge fund manager. Additionally, a desire on his part to help ordinary investors began to take root and he sought a way to help them.

Profits Unlimited gives everyday people the chance to put to use hedge fund quality research from an expert market analyst and stock picker. It is growing in popularity as it approaches 100,000 subscribers wishing to find stocks with explosive growth potential. It is Paul Mampilly’s way of helping others harness the power of innovative growth companies. Check:


When you think about the time and effort put into the Gym, you don’t want anyone wasting your time. We only have so much time down here to put everything we have into the Genetics we’ve been given. Enhanced Athlete is a company that is all about business and results. So something as frivolous as what they had to endure will certainly have an impact on your opinion of the industry. The proof of this matter is that there are many sharks in fitness. The company known as Nutrition distribution sought to disrupt the business of over 70 other companies including Enhanced Athlete. They essentially are milking their competitors for a small sum to pay them off to prevent further prosecution.

However, Enhanced athlete saw one fatal flaw in the logic of this opposing company. The matter in question was regarding false advertising and whether or not there was sufficient evidence to prove that there was damage. The court found in the end that essentially there was no evidence for damage or lasting negative effects for Nutritional Distribution. It was quite transparent that they were seeking to profit from those who were in competition with them, not because of a legitimate legal concern.

This was indeed recognized by the court and they successfully denied the injunction against them. This is just one of many instigations in lawsuits by this company, and Enhanced Athlete had the courage to stand up and recognize that these practices have no excuse, especially for men of honor and iron. There should be a legitimate respect between athletes, even those in competition with their businesses.

Two other companies that uphold the same principles of hard work and results are the sister companies of Enhanced Athlete. These are Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Coaching is a training platform where you can get professional help in toning your physique with the proper programs and plans. Enhanced Gear is a similar platform that focuses on the necessary gear that will propel you towards victory in any sport.

It’s important to use the correct gear for the sport to prevent injury and improve longevity and performance. People often underestimate the modern age of bodybuilding, but with the proper coaching and gear, these companies provide the very best towards achieving long-lasting and satisfying results. They are truly passionate about giving the best routine and gear pushing one to the limit.