Paul Mampilly has leveraged his education as a graduate of Fordham University to an extraordinary height. Ace hedge fund manager, winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing contest, financial television analyst, commentator, and a rising champion for ordinary investors who are often stymied by the seemingly random nature of the markets. Mampilly’s advisory services help to level the playing field between Main Street investors and high powered Wall Street firms. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

The career of Paul Mampilly began with Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager and showed a knack for finance and investing. Other assignments followed and they included successful stints with ING and Deutsche Bank where he managed multi-million dollar accounts. Throughout this period of time, his skills and reputation continued growing and led to another fantastic assignment.

Kinetics Asset Management was his next stop and they tabbed him to be the key hedge fund manager for their $6 billion dollar firm. With Mampilly in place, the firm grew at a rapid pace and was soon worth $25 billion. This standout performance was acknowledged by the venerable Barron’s magazine and Kinetics was named as one of the World’s Best hedge funds.

The crowning achievement of Paul Mampilly’s Wall Street career was his victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing competition. Going up against some of the nation’s best financial minds, Mampilly outperformed them all and won the contest despite the bear market conditions. His long-only strategy highlighted his stock picking skills and his nuanced sector analysis.

The growing success of Paul Mampilly’s career brought him into the media’s spotlight especially in light of his victory in the Templeton contest. He was featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business where he provided market commentary as an expert hedge fund manager. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

The torrid pace of Wall Street began to take its toll on Paul Mampilly and with tremendous achievements in hand, he began to wind down his career. He retired early at the age of 42 and left behind the pressure and great responsibilities of a top-performing hedge fund manager. Additionally, a desire on his part to help ordinary investors began to take root and he sought a way to help them.

Profits Unlimited gives everyday people the chance to put to use hedge fund quality research from an expert market analyst and stock picker. It is growing in popularity as it approaches 100,000 subscribers wishing to find stocks with explosive growth potential. It is Paul Mampilly’s way of helping others harness the power of innovative growth companies. Check:


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