Paul Mampilly is one of the people who is doing very well in the stock investment. He has been a stock investor for the last two decades. Paul Mampilly is experienced in managing stocks and spends his time helping people who do not know how to go about investing make good decisions regarding investments. He left his job in Wall Street so that he could concentrate on educating other investors. In Wall Street, he was just making money for a small percentage of the people in the world. He needed to spread the culture of investment, and this could only happen when he is not working for other people.

Paul Mampilly has a subscription newsletter which he established as the medium through which he will be updating his followers on the direction the stock markets are taking. The newsletter is known as “Profits Unlimited.” Through this newsletter, subscribers have access to information about stocks which will be the highest gainer. The Profits Unlimited newsletter offers subscribers an investment system that does not care about the amount of investment you have. Even a small investment will generate profits. The system also will cater for people who do not have knowledge about investment or do not know how to manage their investment. The system takes care of everything that an investor would be looking for. Visit Paul Mampilly on facebook for more updates.

Paul Mampilly offers his followers a chance to invest in companies that are at their beginning stage and are about to explode. These are the markets that are hardest to recognize for many investors but they are also the ones who have the highest returns. Paul Mampilly is helping investors enjoy the best entries in the markets than anyone else can do. A good example of a company that he found just as it was about to explode was Sarepta Therapeutics.

The company had just begun developing a drug that would be used for muscular dystrophy. His entry was just before the explosion, and he managed to make a return of 2,538%. Another investment he noted at a very early age was Netflix. In 2008, when Netflix was rolling out, he saw it as a perfect opportunity to invest as he believes that the future of online streaming was very bright. From this investment, he manages to get 634% return.

Profits Unlimited has over 60,000 followers. The system that Paul Mampilly provides is one of the best. It can pick the best gainers in the industry and helps investors get a good return. See:


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