Apple, Inc. has been very prosperous in the past ten years, but some financial gurus doubt that the trend will remain the same in the future. Paul Mampilly is among the financial experts who think Apple’s future is doomed. He declared that the electronics giant has already reached its peak and therefore predicts the firm’s stock value will begin declining while two of its rivals gain market share.

While Warren Buffet has avoided technology companies in the past, his firm’s second-largest investment comprises Apple shares. On the other hand, Berkshire Hathaway recently purchased Apple stock amounting to nearly $19 billion. Paul Mampilly warns that these wealthy investors are focused on the past and are yet to realize that Apple has taken a turn for the worse.

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Paul attributes the predicted failure to Steve Jobs absence since his passing about six years ago. According to Paul Mampilly, Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, knew how to use to use innovation to develop original devices and persuade customers to purchase. Between 2000 and 2001, Steve announced three exceptional new products that are the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The iPhone combined the features of a computer and a cellphone into one hand-held device while the iPad and iPod revolutionized the way people perform simple computing tasks and collect music.

Paul Mampilly remarks that since Steve’s death, Apple has not launched any groundbreaking services or devices. He said the company has focused mainly on improving iPhone’s features by making minor changes to its color options, dimensions, and other attributes.

Paul is neither impressed by Apple’s attempts to copy its rivals through smart speaker introduction nor the high-tech wristwatch.

A few years ago, Mampilly purchased shares in an OLED firm and realized 239% on the investment. Though enthusiastic about OLED technology, Apple’s latest iPhone, iPhone X, does not appeal to him. The newest model offers few new capabilities such as the ability to recognize human faces and instead of using conventional backlighting, it uses lighted OLED pixels. Paul Mampilly says the adjustments are only incremental and do not create a public appeal, to which Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak agrees. Wozniak stated that there are no significant differences between iPhone models.

Paul Mampilly advises traders to eschew Apple before it started declining and highlighted a possible lucrative opportunity. He pinpointed Amazon as a desirable alternative and praised its Alexa system saying he regularly uses it in his home.

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