Steps to Financial Freedom

Paul Mampilly, influential among the financial elite on Wall Street, has mastered the art of walking confidently in the world of finance. Paul Mampilly began his economic trek to Wall Street in 1991 after graduating from Fordham University. Soon after his graduation, he assumed his first position as a portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. While finding employment at various financial firms, he quickly mastered the art of investing by absorbing what he learned and experienced. In fact, by the time he came into the service of Kinetics Asset Management in 2006, he became a manager of their $6B hedge fund. A few years hence, in 2008-2009, he entered the prestigious Templeton Foundation and rose victorious to the occasion. His Templeton honor was that much more rewarding to Paul Mampilly knowing it came at the time of the enormous financial crisis of those years. Also, it revealed his adept ability to move among the financial industry with adeptness and confidence.

An Advocate For Everyday People

Paul Mampilly spends his days now as an advocate for everyday people in the hope he can provide them with the knowledge to make the most of their daily earnings. Though he is called upon from time to time to offer expertise thru the media, Paul Mampilly spends most of his time developing newsletters, like Profits Unlimited. In these newsletters, Profits Unlimited, he provides tips to strengthen the financial knowledge of everyday people, while all the while keeping the interest of the ordinary working person first. He has high hopes to extend these financial services into the future in order to continue helping the everyday worker become a more financially independent investor and who has the necessary knowledge to also walk confidently in Wall Street. He wants his newsletters to be a place where clients can gain actable financial opportunities and broaden their knowledge and practical ability to make sound financial decisions.

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