Its important as pet owners to purchase a healthy, high quality food for our animals. Non-processed, fresh and healthy options are becoming more and more prevalent in both specialty pet stores and grocery stores all across the country. Cheaper, room temperature, canned pet foods are becoming a thing of the past despite their affordability. In order for an animal to live a long and healthy life, companies such as Beneful, Blue Buffalo and Freshpet Inc. are offering refrigerated, whole food pet foods. No preservatives are used and all you’ll find are wholesome ingredients that even adults could eat if they really wanted to. Currently a $23.7 billion dollar market, pet food comes in a large variety of flavors and types. Brands like Beneful offer different foods for different types of pets at different stages of their life. These gourmet pet foods are starting to take off and while they might be more expensive, many pet owners feel better about what they are feeding their animals. Instead of hard to pronounce, chemical based food products, healthy meat and vegetables are included in some healthy meal options. No more is a grain based pet food that is basically made of filler materials with little or no nutritional elements. Many different gourmet pet foods are now available all across the United States. You can now better choose Beneful dog food that is going to be nutritious for your pet so they can live a long, healthy life for many years to come. Many consumers find their pet is more energetic and has much fewer health problems thanks to these new dog food developments. This is thanks to the high quality ingredients of the products and they just happen to come in delectable flavors.