Quite a few people look to investing as a way to make money and achieve financial independence. However, it is very easy to lose money through investing. Even people who made a good prediction can have it followed by tons of failure and bad calls. One such person is Kyle Bass. He has predicted that the economy would fail in 2008. He has become rich off of that prediction. Unfortunately, that is as far as his success goes. He has since made a string of bad choices. While miscalculations are common among people that invest in assets, Kyle Bass has made some choices that have not only cost him, but have actually proven to be unethical and low.

Among the pitfalls that he has made was joining with bad influences. He has also made self serving analyses during his many public appearances. In spite of all of his failures, he has not rejected any invitation to appear on TV. He has shown others that he is full of himself. However, he has also shown people the importance of education through his example. It is important to know about how the market works so that one could make the right investments and avoid the bad calls that Kyle Bass has made.

One of the things that one should do in order to avoid the same mistakes that Kyle Bass has made and continues to make is to figure out why he wants to invest. He is also have a clear goal in mind for investing. The goal must also be realistic. If one tries to make a ton of money within a short amount of time, then he is going to leave himself vulnerable to the same problems that Kyle Bass has made.

Speaking of the mistakes that Kyle Bass has made, among those is joining up with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has caused her country to default financially. One issue that people have with his alliance is that he took the time to explain away and rationalize his failures and try to make himself look better. He also have been revealed to have some schemes that are made for bringing him more profits. He has also made some statements that have shown him to be ignorant and thoughtless. When one of the companies had an airbag malfunction, he has blamed the customers for the damages that the malfunction has caused.

Kyle Bass is one of the examples of how one shouldn’t approach investing. He has not only made tons of bad calls, but he has also tried manipulation tactics in order to profit. This has resulted in many failed investments and an overall fall from grace.