The 21st century is incomplete without the aspect of communication in life. Technology has improved so much now, no matter which part of the world you are living in you can easily communicate with your loved ones. Every organization in this society has their way to communicate with each other, such as schools, churches and government have their own mediums. The telecommunication company has become a lot stronger; now even the correctional facilities are dependent on them so that they can communicate with inmates more easily. One of the well reputed and largest telecommunication company operating inside the correctional facilities are Securus Technologies. Rick Smith is the CEO of this company, and he is doing everything possible to make this company grow, and the company should be known as largest provider of communication services in prisons, in the whole USA.

Rick Smith has done his graduation in Electrical Engineering and has completed his masters in the completely different field (Business Administration). He has a solid grip in his field that he has chosen and persuaded as a career. As him being the CEO of the leading industry Securus Technologies he also has worked as an employee in Frontier Corporation. He was one the best working employee in the Frontier cooperation and did receive many encouragement awards, but then he switched career as he knew this career would lead him to the targets he was aiming for. He then started working in Eschelon telecommunication where he got a chance to work as CEO of the company, and got experience and learned skills to manage a company and make strategies to grow this company bigger. As he was really talented and skillful, he managed to turn the company around, thus making this company make more profits as compared to past years. Rick Smith joins Securus telecommunication in 2088, where because of his talents, skills, and hard work he was then chosen as the CEO of the company.

This company has grown in all these years and his helping families of prisoners who have been unable to contact their family when they are spending time in prison, they provide them with the medium where the prisoners can stay in contact while serving their punishment. This company believes that communication is one basic right and every human deserves to be in communication once in a while with their loved ones to make this society a healthy place for children. He is planning and will be investing more times and money for their development and improvement of this company. Securus telecom is also in a process of developing a device in which the video calls are fast, disturbance free and easy, and want to introduce them in the prisons worldwide, taking communication to whole new level.

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