Securus knows how important it is to help their clients. They know that prison administrators don’t often have the support they need and that can make things hard on them. They also know there are things they can do to make the jobs the prison administrators have a little easier. It is part of their commitment to the people who they help and their commitment to give others what they are looking for. Rick Smith knows this and knows that as the CEO of the company it is his job to keep giving people what they are looking for in different situations. By offering new opportunities, Rick Smith is giving the clients that Securus has the best opportunities possible. He knows what they need and isn’t afraid to give it to them so they can use it to make their prisons better even if they weren’t in the past. Read more about Rick on

One of the first things he did was make sure he was helping others. The idea behind that was to give people what they were looking for and the options they needed to be successful. Rick Smith Securus saw his ability as someone who was doing things right as the way to give people what they were looking for. He tried to read into the needs that the prison administrative staff had so he could give them everything that would make things better. It was his way of providing positive options for the future of the people who were in the business with him.

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After Rick Smith did this, he started working on new opportunities. The kiosks were one of the first things he was focused on. The kiosks made things easier for people running the prisons and actually made it safer for them too. Rick Smith knew the kiosks would be a great addition to the prisons and he showed the people who were running the prison the way they could use them. It helped them make things easier on themselves and on the opportunities they had to be successful. It also gave others the chance to experience more depending on what they were doing with each other.

For Rick Smith, this was just part of what he wanted to do. He wanted to take the company further than what it was before. By acquiring JPay, Rick Smith was giving Securus the chance to enter into a different opportunity. He knew there would be things for him to do and things he could make better as long as he was helping people. It gave him the chance to try his best while he was working toward a better future. It also made things easier for him to try and give people what they were looking for. According to Wikipedia

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