The Manaira shopping mall provides a unique experience to all persons who visit. It has been designed with different features that will cater for the whole family.

The mall was inaugurated in 1989. The interesting thing is that it took them two years for the entire building to be completed. The mall is owned Robert Santiago who wanted to provide an alternative to the regular beach lifestyle that people are used to.

When you enter Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall, you will be immersed in the world of fun and excitement. It has been designed with movie theaters with different features. The mall has 11 different rooms that have been equipped with the 3D features and state of the art sound system. These rooms have bar sections with different types of drinks and gourmet popcorn. There is also an amusement park that is electronically powered and bowling alleys. The amusement park has over 200 machines that are dedicated to games.

There is a gourmet space that has a steak and hamburger house. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet environment, this is the place to be. However, there is a food court in the mall that has different food joints that you can choose. The food court gives you access to different cuisines.

The construction of the mall is far from over as they keep making adjustments and adding more features. In 2009, they opened the Domus Hall which is a concert hall. It is located on the rooftop of the mall, and it is the largest mall in Joao Pessoa. The concert hall includes modern air condition structures. They have incorporated modern sound systems.

It has a giant theater kind of design with the capacity to house around 4,000 people seated and 10,000 standing. They have included two floors; one for party purposes and the other floor features private cabins and lounge. The ground floor of the concert hall can be used to host different events like weddings, graduations, and private events. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

About Robert

Robert Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa 58 years ago. Before he decided to open the Manaira Shopping Mall, he was involved in different projects like the manufacturing of the decorative objects. He started off his career at the Café Santa Rosa. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

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