Rona Borre is a sensation in Chicago and is noted for building her company, Instant Alliance, which is a staffing, and recruiting company noted for placing technology and finance people with companies of all sizes. The company tends to work with Fortune 500 companies, but will also work with medium and small-sized firms as well.

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Borre looks at her clients as partners, and she digs deep when interviewing a client as to what is wanted and what will work for the culture of that company. It works more like a partnership, or perhaps as if Borre was actually on staff at the client company.

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The fact that Instant Alliance has only a 1% attrition ratio and that there is a three interview to hire average shows that Borre’s leadership prevails. She is also active in Chicago business circles, having leadership roles in the Chicago Network, The Economic Club of Chicago, and the Young President’s Organization.

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