With pollution and harmful chemicals threatening the health of every individual on the planet, citizens are becoming more aware of the carbon foot print we leave behind. One name which has become synonymous for combating these hazards is Sam Tabar. Sam alongside Full Cycle Fund are taking innovative measures to rid the world of harmful air pollution.

Full Cycle Fund converts municipal waste into less harmful energy. The process is complex but the results are proven safe for the environment. A gassification process converts the waste. Once converted the new cost effective energy works to combat green house gasses and provide energy.

Sam Tabar is now a partner and COO of Full Cycle Fund. Both the company and Sam will work together in tackling the task of combatting the harmful substances which continue to threaten the air we breathe. Sam previously expressed his excitement in working for a company which he believes in. With the mutual goal of better quality energy present, Sam will dedicate his life long experience and passion into a company designed to grant individuals with clean energy.

Sam’s history and background deals primarily with finances and business law. He still holds his New York Bar license. Combining his experience with his new role as COO of Full Cycle Fund should serve as an easy transition. One of Sam’s responsibilities will consist of providing his legal expertise and advice to the company. He will also be responsible for the marking aspects of the company as well. As Sam and Full Cycle Fund achieve their common goal, the positive affect of clean energy will be a final result for the economy.

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