My own search for resources for my family led me to Securus for the first time. We have been caught in quite a bit of tension in our community that has resulted in arrests of family members and neighbors. We have been asked on several occasions to help make phone calls to prisons around our area that may be housing neighbors. This article explains how I have put Securus to work on behalf of friends and family in the community.

#1: Why Is Securus Different?

We chose Securus due to the video-calling function on their application. I was shown the application by a member of the community, and I participated in a video call to another state. I subsequently downloaded the app on my own phone, and I spoke with a neighbor boy who is in jail for a month for vandalism. I showed the application to his mother, and we sit together as she speaks to her son.

#2: Who May Set Up An Account?

I set up my account through the application on my first visit, and I have directed family members to establish their accounts on their home computers. We all have functioning accounts that we may use for video calls, and we share the responsibility of working with neighbors who are incarcerated.

#3: How Do Video Calls Appear?

Video call made with Securus look as clear as the shows on my television. There is a noticeable connection when speaking to someone on a video feed, and I have watched mothers cry upon seeing their children for the first time in quite some time. The video calling through Securus has proven to mend hearts and mind.

I chose Securus after a chance encounter with a community leader. Their application helps myself, my neighbors and our community heal.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.