Securus Technologies is a large communications company that specializes in correctional institution processes that link over 1.2 million inmates to friends and families on the outside. Securus makes available the very latest in technological facilities to offer the finest systems for use to link inmates to their loved ones and families in the most efficient way possible.


There are several programs that make this possible, and they are all available on a carte blanche basis. A robust phone system takes advantage of the technology of Android and Apple smartphones, tablets, PCs, and of course, the typical land lines. Families can be assured that functionality and reliability will always be the high goal of any program put forward and implemented by Securus.


One very popular program is the video services setup. All that is requires is a webcam arranged for both participants, and it is almost the same as a


Plans can be funded with prepaid cards, direct billing to families, collect calls, and debit methods where the inmate pays for the call. By providing a complete and open venue for the provision and implementation of good services, a reliable platform is provided upon which people can rely.


There is also email, voicemail and chat available so that in situations where expediency is required, a quick message can be left and followed up on later. People like dependability and all of these tools provide that along with the knowledge that all of these tools are ready and available at all times.


There is no doubt that regular communication with family members on the outside gives inmates a perspective that formerly was impossible to achieve. It gives them a goal of what to shoot for when they are released. Family members also receive a great deal of gratification knowing how their loved one is doing on a regular basis as well. All in all, it is a very good system, backed by excellent systems from Securus.


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