Securus, the leader in providing technology and communications solutions for correctional institutions nationwide has introduced a revolutionary new solution. Investigator Pro is a revolutionary new technology that can help investigators find criminals and other subjects of interest by identifying their voice.


This new technology has a wide range of applications for law enforcement personnel. The new Investigator Pro is relatively easy to use. The investigator can trace the voice of either the inmate or the other party of the line using a small sample of their voice. This is an easy way to find out if multiple inmates are calling the same person, and help to uncover illicit and illegal activity.


There are other uses for this technology as well. The investigator can also help to search for an identify the person on the other end of the inmates call, by checking the database and learning if they have committed a crime. This is useful for making sure that inmates are not making calls to people that they are not supposed to be talking to.


Securus is a reputable company that specializes in secure technology for criminal justice departments and correctional institutions. They are based out of Dallas, Texas and offer a wide range of services to thousands of clients nationwide.


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