When my team of officers is called in to combat gang violence on the streets, we know we are in for a very long go of it. These suspects have a deep network of people who not only hide fugitives, they protect one another like wild animals. Even if we know who we are hunting, they can hide in several safe houses without us ever being able to get close enough to arrest them.


One of the resources we use often to try and catch fugitives is informants. Whether it be family, friends, or strangers, it only takes that one phone call to help us to close the gap and arrest our suspects. The trouble when it comes to dealing with gangs is that no one is talking for fear their families will be in serious danger. That makes it very hard for me and my fellow officers to collect timely information that could lead to an arrest.


We have started to rely heaving on the inmate call monitoring system in the local jails that were installed by Securus Technologies. The system allows us to be able to listen to gang members in jail talking to their soldiers on the street, helping us to collect information we could have never gathered in the past. Now we get to see the inner workings of the gang and take action even faster.


This week we got several alerts that high-ranking gang members in jail were ordering soldiers to make some cash by robbing a local convenience store. They needed the money to buy drugs, then the drugs were to be brought to the jail to be sold by lower-ranking gang members. We were able to intercept the plan at several points and help take a few dangerous fugitives into custody as a result.


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