Securus, a prison information processing and communications company, has released a statement that they will start release information on Global Tel Link (GTL) and their integrity breaches. In a report by PR Newswire, this release of information is not about mudslinging their competition rather Securus wishes to maintain the integrity of the prison communications business. Securus will start releasing these reports, showing how GTL has misled correctional facilities and customers. Their dishonest practices could hurt the reputations of other companies.
The first report is from when GTL serviced the Louisiana Department of Corrections in 1998. The Louisiana Public Service Commission compiled the report to show how they double charged or added time to calls. Also, the reports states how they did not cap rates like they were supposed to according to guidelines. GTL could face even more allegations as these reports come out.

Securus America is a leading company is correctional communications and information processing. They work hard to maintain their high level of customer service and high quality informational processing services. Currently, they have earned an A+ BBB rating, which is an accomplishment for any company. Securus built a special customer service center to ensure their customers didn’t have to wait too long.

Securus to release statements on GTL breaches

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