Shaygan Kheradpir has been appointed chief executive officer and board chairman of Coriant, as related in greater detail here:

As a partner at Marlin Equity, Kheradpir played a strong part from the outside in helping shape Coriant’s strategy and guiding the networking company’s operations, and Kheradpir’s success in this capacity will be part of what he now brings to Coriant as CEO and chairman. Coriant is an enormous global presence that now serves other companies in over 100 countries, developing solutions geared toward the complex networking requirements that businesses must meet to function competitively.

Kheradpir’s knowledge and past experience fit well with Coriant’s position in the marketplace and the constantly evolving technology that allows for applications at the end user level to become far more advanced because of the greater power and efficiency of the applications available to manipulate data and databases, and cloud computing possibilities that were previously limited by what was possible with the technology.

For Coriant’s new CEO, the company’s portfolio of networking solutions and strategies offered to their clients was so strong, and so high a level of quality, that it was a definite attraction to Kheradpir in coming on board. The company’s services are an excellent match for Kheradpir’s experience and particular skill set.

Shayegan Kheradpir earned his B.A., M.A., and doctorate degree at Cornell University before starting work at GTE in 1987 managing network routing. Next Kheradpir brought a wide variety of new features to Verizon’s communications products and services. In 2011 as CEO of global retail business at Barclay’s bBank, he helped develop a highly regarded mobile payment software. With these leadership roles and other appointments in a number of prestigious advisory posts in both academia and the corporate world under his belt, Coriant marks his most recent appointment. Kheradpir’s perspective is informed by a vital intersection of his skills in technology, finance, ¬†and communications, which have been highly cultivated over the course of more than three decades; during which he has brought success to many companies. As Coriant grows and further develops under Kheradpir’s watch it expects to merge disparate elements of business and finance with media and networking technology more and more, and Kheradpir’s education and variety of successes as a leader puts them ahead of the competition in an already competitive field.

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